PhD by research

Ph.D. by Research

Aims and Scopes of Ph.D. by Research

PhD by research is one of the highest academic granted degrees and encompasses a range of research and theoretical trainings with the aim of educating young scientist that could participate in the scientific development of the country and advancement of knowledge.

PhD students at Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry Research Center engage in acquiring knowledge in the fields of Medicinal chemistry, Pharmacology, Phytochemistry, Cell biology and other fields related to Pharmaceutical sciences. Furthermore, the students will also engage in acquiring research experience in the following fields:

- Chemical synthesis
- Isolation of active compounds from natural sources
- Assessment of the biological effects of synthetic or natural products against cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, multidrug resistance in cancer cells, inflammatory diseases
- Computational methods of analysis and assessment of biological effects and drug-receptor interactions


How to Apply

Admission to the PhD by research program is announced in the websites of the Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry Research Center and the Vice-Provost for Research of the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.
Supervisors and Research Area

Current Students

There are Currently 6 Ph.D. Students in the medicinal and natural products chemistry research center. The list of  the students and their C.V. and therir thesis titles could be found in the Ph.D. students Pages.

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Ph.D. by Research
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