The Medicinal & Natural Product Chemistry Research Center (MNCRC) was founded in August 2002. The main purpose of MNCRC was to take advantage of the advancements in basic sciences especially chemistry and apply them to medical purposes.
The Center started its activity with five faculty members. This number has now reached 4 full-time and 7 part-time members.

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Cooperation agreementbetween Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry Research Center and Shanghai Normal University

August 4, 2014; zahra kamali

College of Life & Environment Science of Shanghai Normal University (Shanghai, China) and Medicinal & Natural Products Chemistry Research Center of Shiraz University of Medical Science (Shiraz, Iran) have agreed to the following protocols governing their collaboration on academic and research related activities:

The  Scope  of  collaboration  on  academic  and  research  activities  in  this  Memorandum  of Understanding includes the following categories:
• Academic and Research collaboration in the areas of mutual interest.
• Exchange of academic information, scholarly information, materials and publications.
• Exchange of students and faculty.
• Sponsorship of cooperative seminars, workshops and other academic meetings.